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Research Papers on Epic Satire

Research papers on epic satires throughout history focus on the 18th Century as a glorious time in this genre of literature. Paper Masters' English writers can custom write your research paper on any type of satire.

Satire is used within poetry as a tool for the poet to criticize what he or she deems as society’s ills by portraying an issue exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Three excellent examples of epic satire from the 18th Century are:

Alexander Pope was one of the quintessential satirists of the 18th Century. His work Rape of the Lock is among his best examples of epic satire.  Epic SatireThe Rape of the Lock attacks the vanity of women and the battle of the sexes in the style of epic poetry much like Homer’s The Odyssey. Likewise, 18th Century poet John Keats writes La Belle Dame Sans Merci to be a fantasy of how woman leads to man’s demise. As one reads through the poem, the imagery that is described to exist within this world of Keats’ could only be found in the fantasy world of epic poetry.

Epic Satire - The Rape of the Lock

The Rape of the Lock exists as a mockery of women and their relationship to men through satire. Pope is aware of the plight of women in the 18th Century, as evidenced by his line “she who scorns a Man, must die a maid”. Yet one cannot be fooled into thinking that Pope exerts actual sympathy for women of this age. In typical satirical form, Pope approaches the plight of Belinda with grandiose sympathy that actually trivializes her character. Laura Brown points out that Pope mocks her  “throughout the ironic juxtaposition of her [insignificant] story with classical epic".  Brown continues on stating, "Her trivial, commodified and amoral world is castrated with grandeur of epic, a world of gods and goddesses, of heroes larger than life, where history is made and great nations find their identity". Thus in true satirical style, Pope trivializes Belinda by grouping her among epic heroines and heroes.

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