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How to Write a Research Paper on the Environment

Paper Masters will discuss the nuts and bolts of this essay—how it is built, how it works—in class. Right now you should begin locating a topic and finding interesting, eye-opening articles you might want to use in a paper. Contrasting articles, or those that disagree, are necessary for this paper. Look for those now and during break.

Format for Environment Issue Research Paper:

  1. Write your essay inquiring into the environmentalism-related issue which interests you most.
  2. This will begin in the form of a question. For example: Are alternative fuels really better than fossil fuels?
  3. Does recycling actually benefit the environment?
  4. Why are US miles per gallon (mpg) standard so much lower than most foreign standards?
  5. Try not to go too large. Such as: Are humans responsible for global warming, might be too big. What is nature, certainly is too big.
  6. Please note: An issue is any point or subject on which there is some large debate.
  7. For this assignment you must thoroughly investigate all sides of the debate, evaluate the sources you plan on using, synthesize them with your own thoughts, and, in the end, arrive at a claim or argument of your own based on what you have learned.

You should organize your paper in the following way:
Part 1: Introduction. Isolate the issue that interests you most about __________ and express your initial opinion about or answer to this question.
Part 2: The exploration itself. The point of Part 2 is to open the question and keep it open, testing your opinions and exploring the issue through research that introduces you to a range of facts and expert opinions. You are not trying to support your initial opinions here, rather you are testing them. In Part 2 you will write about readings you’ve discovered that both confirm AND contradict your thinking, and you will evaluate these different arguments with an open mind.
You will use your critical reading skills to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments you encounter.
Part 3: Conclusion. This is a statement of your thinking after the process of inquiry, an explanation of the truth you have found as a result of your conversations and readings. Think of exploration as a process of arriving at a claim. Ideally, in the conclusion of your essay, you will state a claim whose truth you have tested and earned.
Works Cited. Using MLA format, provide complete and accurate bibliographic information for each of your sources.

Remember, you are joining a conversation. You bring your own ideas to the table, but in order to arrive at an informed opinion, you must listen to (research) the things other people are saying and put them together with your own thoughts. You are changing your perspective, moving toward an opinion that is more informed, and therefore more valuable, to yourself and to others with whom you might share it. You are expanding your outlook, entering a larger world.

Keep in Mind for the Environment Issue Research Paper:

  1. Your paper must be formatted according to MLA guidelines, which include a proper header, title and page numbers. Your paper must be stapled before you turn it in, with your workshop draft.
  2. You must use at least 4 sources. Of these 4 sources, at least 3 must be print-based (in other words, no more than 1 online source).
  3. Your paper must be reasonably free of grammatical and mechanical errors
  4. The Writing Center is a resource for you and you should use it. The tutors in the center will be familiar with this assignment and what it asks you to do and are there to help you.


Environment Issue Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Abandoning Fossil Fuels - Abandoning fossil fuels research papers analyze the difference between fossil fuel and hydrogen.

Acid Rain - Acid rain research papers discuss the effects it has on the ecosystem.

Acidification of Freshwater - Acidification on freshwater research papers looks at the importance of the chemical contributions of aquatic animal and plant life.

Air Pollution - Air pollution research papers look at the reasons why the ozone is depleting, and why there is poor air quality due to emissions worldwide.

Al Gore and the Environment - Al Gore and the environment term paper explicates his environmental policy and Gore’s book Earth in the Balance.

Aldo Leopold - Research papers on Aldo Leopold focus on one of the pioneers in the environmentalist movement that worked to address various environmental issues over time.

Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 - Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 research papers explore the act more critically, and the enforcement.

Biodiversity - Biodiversity research papers discuss a way to measure the different number of organisms living in a particular ecosystem.

Carbon Emissions - Carbon emissions research papers discuss the five main sources of carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

Climate Change Report - Climate change report research papers on the atmospheric changes occurring on Earth and how it effects living things on the planet.

Climate Change - Climate change research papers examine the records and geological evidence of change in weather patterns.

Clouds - Clouds research papers look at the different types of clouds and how they are developed.

Combat Global Warming - Combat global warming research papers examine an order placed for a reflective research paper, that only allows certain resources to be used.

The Coming Climate - Review of scientific american article on global warming.

Cottonmouth Water Moccasin - Cottonmouth Water Moccasin research papers look at where this poisonous snake comes from, and what it feeds on.

Cradle to Cradle - Book reports on Cradle to Cradle are custom written on English literature.

Desert Ecosystems - Desert ecosystems research papers analyze a typical desert ecosystem from the vantage point of a typical hunter-gather or forager population.

Destruction of the Everglades - Destruction of the Everglades research papers delve into the downfall of the everglades, due to the economic needs of a man.

Dinosaur Brains - Dinosaur Brains research papers explore a guide book on how to deal with impossible people at work.

Diversity Climate - Diversity climate research papers examine an order placed on cultural diversity training.

Drinking Water - A great essay topic is “the importance of drinking water” and how this is becoming a more precious commodity.

Earth in the Balance - Earth in the Balance research papers analyze Al Gore’s environmental book on the current environmental crisis across the globe.

Earth Science - Earth Sciences research papers discuss an example of an order placed for five short essay answers to complete the project.

Ecological Model - Ecological model research papers examine the overview of an ecological situation that attempts to take varying factors into account.

Ecological Studies - Ecological studies research papers look at the factors that impact human health and how they are related either geographically and temporally.

Ecology and Environment - Ecology and environment research papers examine the relationship of ecology and the environment scientifically.

Ecology - Ecology research papers discuss the science between the relationship of organisms and the environment.

Ecosystem - Ecosystem research papers look into what defines the community of living organisms that interacts as a system with the nonliving aspects of the environment.

Effects of Global Warming - Effects of global warming research papers discuss the harmful effects global warming will cause to the environment and the human existence.

Effects of Water Pollution on the Environment and Human Life - Effects of water pollution on the environment and human life research papers look at the different toxins.

El Nino - El Nino research papers analyze the phenomena of the changing wind and weather pattern that occurs every four to seven years.

Endangered Animals - Endangered animals research papers delve into species that are threatened or endangered specifically manatee.

Energy Efficient Building - Energy efficient building research papers illustrate that building with energy efficiency in mind reduces long-term corporate expenditures and can contribute to net profits.

Environment - Environment research papers examine the the the various environments of the world and discuss it's effect on all surrounding organisms.

Environmental Pollution - Environmental pollution research papers discuss the global impact pollution has the on the Earth and it's organisms.

Environmental Policy - Environmental policy research papers discuss an organization or government’s commitment to laws, regulations, and policy mechanism that are concerned with the environment and sustainability.

Environmental Protection Agency - Environmental Protection Agency research papers examine the agency of the United States federal government that is charged with protecting human health and the environment.

Environmental Science - Environmental science research papers discuss the many aspects of the study of the environment.

Environmental Ethics - Environmental ethics research papers delve into an order placed on an essay with specific source requirements.

Environmental and Occupational Health Issue - Environmental and occupational health issue research papers discuss how to order a paper on global warming giving specific instructions on the format of the paper.

Environmental Politics - Environmental politics research papers explore the relationship between practical politics and environmental issues.

Environmental Sustainability - Environmental sustainability research papers discuss sustainability in the farming paradigm and examine the three main farming systems that environmental sustainability has to be considered in.

The Evolution of Zoos - The Evolution of Zoos research papers explore the zoos evolution from that 1970′s through the late 20th century.

Global Impact of Deforestation - Global impact of deforestation research papers examine the hots pots on the globe for deforestation problems.

Global Natural Gas Demand - Global natural gas demand research papers illustrate that an energy crisis looms on a global level.

Global Warming Prevention - Global warming prevention research papers discuss what solutions to global warming have been put forth by scientists and politicians such as Al Gore.

Global Warming Myths - Uncovers the myths of global warming.

Greenhouse Effect - The Greenhouse Effect research papers investigates the significant changes it brings to our climate.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Greenhouse Gas emissions research papers examine the the major cause of the potentially devastating effects of climate change that are transforming the Earth.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico oil spill research paper examines the events leading up to the big explosion that led to an oil spill and preventative measures that could have been taken.

Habitat Loss - Research papers on habitat loss by the writers at Paper Masters will build on previous studies that effectively employed lattice models of data calculation to explore how hypothetical species possessing various traits would react to a loss of habitat.

Hawaiian Volcanoes - Hawaiian volcanoes research papers studies the formation and the following stages of a volcano.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Research papers on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change discuss a part of the United Nations that was first established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environmental Programme.

Hottest Year on Record - Hottest year on record research papers examine the year 2010 and how the weather patterns have changed not only during this year but in the past decade.

Human Environment Interaction - Human environment interaction research papers examine the complex, adaptive, and interconnected systems between humans and the environment and how they interact on an almost constant basis.

Human Ecology - Human ecology research papers discuss the study of humans and their environments.

Hurricane Irene - Hurricane Irene was announced on August 20, 20011 and was the only hurricane to hit New Jersey since the Vagabond Hurricane in 1903.

Hydraulic Fracturing - Hydraulic fracturing research papers look into the process, also known as fracking, whereby rocks are fractured though the use of pressurized liquid.

Impact of Deforestation on Freshwater habitat - Impact deforestation has on freshwater habitat examines research that has been done.

Invasive Species - Invasive species research papers discuss the tendencies of certain species to spread uncontrollably.

Iron the Mineral - Iron the mineral research papers delve into the functions of the mineral to help the body, and the different sources to get the nutrient.

Katrina: Coincidence or Conspiracy - The damage from Katrina is greater that anyone can account for at the moment. Many blame the federal government for being too slow and complacent in responding to and taking care of the victims.

Killer Bees - Killer Bees research papers looks at an order placed on a science research paper that gives specific information that must be included.

Marijuana - Marijuana research papers looks at the different aspects of the plant.

Mass Animal Deaths - The incidence of mass animal deaths is a phenomenon manifested by the unexplained deaths of large numbers of animals, usually of similar species.

Material Design Issues of the Turbines - Material design issues of the turbine research papers goes into the difference in the design of the turbocharger compared to the supercharger, and discusses certain downfalls of each system.

Mating Behaviors of Mallard Ducks - Mating behavior of Mallard Ducks research papers reviews several observations of mallard ducks mating behavior, the way they nest, and court.

Meteorology - Meteorology research papers discuss the scientific study of the atmosphere.

National Environmental Policy Act - Research papers on the National Environmental Policy Act discuss the law that requires any financed project to meet NEPA guidelines whenever a federal agency provides a portion of the funding.

Natural Gas - Natural gas research papers discuss the crisis in the demand for natural gas and report the need for alternative fuels.

Niacin - Niacin research papers discuss background information on the vitamin, and its effects on the body.

The North American Megafauna - The North American Megafauna research papers explore two theories that study the mystery of their extinction.

Northern Spotted Owl - Northern Spotted Owl research papers discuss the characteristics of this endangered animal,and ways the government can help save endangered animals.

Ocean Warming - Ocean warming research papers examine a symptom of Global Warming that causes the acceleration of melting in the polar ice caps.

Overpopulation Solutions - A research paper on overpopulation solutions discuss the variety of solutions that can be implemented to address overpopulation crisis.

Overpopulation - Overpopulation research papers look into the occurrence of excess in a species that causes overburdening to its environment.

Ozone Layer - Ozone layer research papers discuss the depletion of the the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Peanut Plant - Peanut plant research papers discuss where this plant originated and how it develops.

Photosynthesis - Photosynthesis research papers explore the process that is necessary for plants to survive.

Regime for Global Water - Regime for global water research papers look at the global shortage of water and possible solutions.

Renewable Energy Sources - Renewable energy sources research papers delve into the energy sources used to replace conventional fuels to cut down on carbon emissions that affect the earth's climate.

The Rio Conference - The Rio Conference research papers examine the role that the United States and the European Community have on creating an environmentally stable development.

Solar Power - Solar power research papers discuss the reasons why solar power is a more efficient and environmental friendly source of energy over fossil fuels.

St. Lucia - St. Lucia research papers discuss the natural resources, economy, and government of this country.

Stratospheric Ozone Depletion - Stratospheric ozone depletion research papers give the causes of ozone depletion and possible solutions.

Sustainability and Culture - Sustainability and culture Research Papers on how many of today’s manufacturing and consumer practices contribute to environmental destruction.

Sustainability - Sustainability research papers discuss the ecological concept that describes the ability of a biological system to remain both diverse and productive.

Sustainable Development and Government - Sustainable development is a new concept that is being widely used by the government and many organizations around the world.

Sustainable Development - Sustainable development research papers discuss how sustainable development is essential to most countries, and the short term and long term needs.

Systems Theory - Systems theory research papers discuss the multidisciplinary approach to the study of an abstract organization.

Toxic Waste - Research papers on toxic waste discuss the many regulations designed to mandate safe, standardized procedures for identifying, collecting, and disposing of certain types of toxic waste.

Waste Reduction - Research papers on waste reduction discuss the increased demand of additional waste reduction solutions.

Water Contamination - Water contamination research papers examine how the pollution of water affects all plants and organisms that live within bodies of water.

Water Pollution Problem - Water pollution problem research papers delve into an example of an order placed on giving a description of the problem and how it started and possible plans that would alleviate the problem.

Water Pollution - Water pollution research papers look at the environmental factors that influence this pollution.

Weather/Temperature Profile Questions - Weather/temperature profile questions research papers discuss questions concerning temperature profile diagram.

Wild Exotic Mushrooms - Wild exotic mushrooms research papers explore the different types of mushrooms from different parts of the world.

Wissahickon Park - Wissahickon Park research papers look at this Park as a refuge for wildlife and as a National Park.

Yellowstone Bison Controversy - Yellowstone Bison controversy research papers look at a sample of an order placed on an argumentative paper that is arguing in favor of not slaughtering the bison in Yellowstone.