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The Enlightenment

How do you start a The Enlightenment research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The Enlightenment research papers outline that the Enlightenment witnessed the birth of a new idea, the belief that orderliness could be achieved in human relations.  “It was the creed of men who had the means to investigate, ponder and discuss the phenomena of the world in which they lived”.  These men employed their literary skills to condemn the abuses of the Old Regime, both its institutions and its beliefs.  The EnlightenmentBut they did more than condemn, they also suggested ways of improving their world.  “They dangled before men the prospects of a world where freedom and equality of opportunity would prevail”.  These ideas—bold, shocking, innovative, and revolutionary—painted a world seemingly the exact opposite of the reality of the 18th century.

Immanuel Kant once attempted to describe the Age of Enlightenment as man’s emergence from intellectual immaturity.  Kant, who was perhaps the leading thinker of the late Enlightenment, invoked his audience: “Sapere aude! Dare to know! Have the courage to use your own intelligence”.  There is an old axiom that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  This being said, it must be remembered that Enlightenment thought led to two of history’s most profound political revolutions: the American and the French.  If the Establishment could have foreseen the events that would culminate in its own trip to the guillotine, does it not stand to reason that the leading philosophes of the day were a threat to the established order?

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