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English Language Imperialism in the Islamic World

Section 1: The Relationship between Culture and Language.

This section in English Language Imperialism in the Islamic World Research Paper will consist of an explication of how English Language Imperialism came about. The idea for this section is to expand on the notion that a language is a part of culture and a culture is a part of language; the two are intricately interwoven such that one cannot separate the two without loosing the significance of the either language or culture. Hence, language is an insight into or representation of culture. Kramsch says: “Social change occurs slowly, but inevitably at the edges of dominant cultures. This is true also of the change that we might want to bring about by teaching people how to use somebody else’s linguistic code in somebody else’s cultural context. Teaching members of one community how to talk and how to behave in the context of another discourse community potentially changes the social and cultural equation of both communities, by subtly diversifying mainstream cultures”.

Section 2: Arguments in support of English as an international language

English Language Imperialism in the Islamic WorldThis section in English Language Imperialism in the Islamic World Research Paper will consist of the following issues: English as a tool for communication, English as the language of technology, commerce, diplomacy, international education, etc., English as the repository of high culture: the language of Shakespeare, etc. Please also include as many details and examples as possible of the use of English within the Islamic and Arab world. However, do not discuss the cases of Iran, Lebanon, India and Malaysia but use other countries.

Section3: Linguistic and cultural imperialism

This section in English Language Imperialism in the Islamic World Research Paper will consist of 3 pages (minimum 7 references) and will be a general discussion on the issue. Keep in mind that this section is the first of a chapter that is to introduce ‘Teaching English as a Missionary Language’ (TEML) and then Globalization and its effects on the Islamic world’. I have included, in a folder entitled ‘information’, one page on the frameworks of English Language Imperialism which you can use for this section.

How to write a sociology research paper on English Imperialism

  1. For sociology, it is best to use the Harvard system of referencing.
  2. The literature review should be theme-based, not author-based. In other words, rather than discussing the contributions of one author after the other, you should group their contributions together according to topics. Within theme-based sub-sections, you should compare and contrast what each author says about the topic; play them off against one another; and critique what they say. You may find it useful to use a matrix for organizing the literature review.
  3. Guide the reader explicitly through the steps in the argument. There needs to be plenty of signposts; e.g. ‘Having discussed X, I will now go on to demonstrate why this is relevant to Y’. You also need to provide general topic statements at the beginning of each section.
  4. If the same reference is used twice within the same paragraph, it is not necessary to give the full details each time. The second time you can substitute the Latin abbreviations (ibid.). Please make sure this is done throughout the dissertation.
  5. The titles of books and periodicals should be written in italics or underlined; the titles of journal articles should not. Please check that this is done throughout the dissertation and the reference list.
  6. All text should be doubled-spaced except for quotes over 30 words which need to have a 1 ½ line spacing. Furthermore, paragraph-length quotations (i.e. over 30 words in length) should be set aside from the main text and indented from the margin.
  7. Given that this is a literature-based dissertation, every single claim needs to be supported.

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