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English Essay Writing

Writing English essays can be difficult if it isn’t part of your natural abilities. Paper Masters helps you understand what makes a good English essay. Since essay writing has been a part of our services for over 19 years, our writers can give you a nearly perfect guide on the elements of English essay writing.

Nearly all writing of an essay answers a specific question to research. Things to consider when reflecting on whether your essay has met the proper standards of essay writing include the following:

  • Has the question been answered?
  • Is the answer relevant to the question (i.e., has the question been understood)?
  • Has the question/case been placed in the context of the specific part of the course/course materials, and in the context of various theoretical frameworks?
  • Have these theoretical frameworks been compared and contrasted in relation to the question?
  • Has a particular position been taken in relation to the question?
  • Does the analysis show an awareness of relevant literature, points of view, theoretical frameworks and the major debates and controversies that surround the question?
  • Is there a discussion and critical analysis of theories, debates and issues relevant to the question or the case?

You will also want to examine your concluding argument and make certain it has all of the following elements:English Essay Writing

  • Does the concluding argument follow the premises of the essay logically and coherently?
  • Have sufficient and academic evidence been presented in supporting the concluding argument?
  • Have relevant facts and empirical evidence been used to substantiate the argument or the case?
  • Is conclusion clearly drawn and reasons stated?

One of the most important aspects of essay writing is the proper use of grammar. Use of appropriate academic English is perhaps the most important element of an undergraduate level essay, as the professor is looking to see if you can write coherently. Use of standard structure in academic essay writing is a skill. You must look at the use of full prose, i.e., proper full paragraphs. Flow and coherence of structure: a logical arrangement of materials relevant to the question asked, reflecting understanding of the issues and of the relationship among elements of the unit.

Be sure the type, variety and extent of references used is academic so that the accuracy of acknowledgment used is well documented. Use a consistent and accurate system of referencing such as MLA format.

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