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English Composition

English composition is one of the most basic requirements for any university student. Such courses are designed to provide the student with a solid foundation in basic writing skills. Many colleges require that incoming freshmen complete an English composition course within their first year.English Composition

Knowing how to write is an important skill of which most people should have a basic understanding. However, many students simply believe that they cannot write, or that writing is too hard. Given that a college degree is essential to economic success in modern America, some level of English composition skill is essential. Good communication skills require a number of different behaviors, including both oral and written. English composition will facilitate success in life, at the minimum through being able to effectively communicate through email, or being required to produce a written report for a job.

Everyone should be able to write succinctly, persuasively, and use grammar correctly. That not everyone receives such training in compulsory education is one of the reasons why colleges and universities require a course in English composition at the commencement of a college career. English composition will, through a variety of written exercises, teach you how to construct a logical, well-crafted essay. English composition is more than simply sitting down and typing. A good English composition requires research, writing, revision, and editing.