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Research Papers on EnCana Mining Company

No time to do your EnCana Mining Company research paper? Here is an example of what we can do for you.

Business Ethics Individual Project On Encana (Canada) - mining Industry

Paper Masters custom writes business research papers and company profiles. Have our writers write your project on EnCana and get ahead of the class in understanding how a business ethics or company profile should look.

This EnCana Mining Company Research Paper Will Answer the following Questions:

EnCana Mining Company

What are the main ethical issues the company is facing?
What policies or programs does the company have in the areas of corporate citizenship, business ethics, sustainability, health and safety/environment, corporate governance, or corporate social responsibility? What suggestions do you have for new efforts or an improvement of current efforts that the company could make?
Your sources may include the following:

  1. Newspaper reports about ethical issues faced by the company, obtained online or printed. (Each student is required to subscribe to the online New York Times.)
  2. Company documents such as sustainability reports, social audits, external audits of social performance, etc.
  3. Articles in academic or trade publications (see ABI/Inform)
  4. Articles, interviews, and other items in the business press (Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, the Economist, etc.)

EnCana Mining Company Paper Format

If you research project on EnCana is to be complete, remember you should use at least five references from reliable sources. Every writer knows that data must be backed up by fact, especially when writing academic projects.

Below you will also see an excellent format for your EnCana project.

  1. Description of company
  2. Ethical issues faced by the company
  3. Policies or programs
  4. Effectiveness of policies or programs
  5. Suggestions for improvement

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