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Employee Empowerment Research

Research papers on employee empowerment for business and MBA courses discuss the benefits of employers empowering their employees. Employee motivation is a key psychological tool for all aspects of business management and Paper Masters' writers will help you flush out all of the important aspects of this field of business administration.

A key factor that sets effective organizations apart from less-effective organizations is a concentrated and enduring focus on employee empowerment. Empowering employees within the organization means sharing the power base. In leaner organizations with few layers of hierarchy, employee motivation often emerges as a normal part of the corporate culture.


Encouraging Employees

Employee Empowerment MBA

Managers and leaders in creating effective organizations empower employees by spending time in coaching and mentoring roles. Coaching encourages two-way communication and helps build confidence and motivation on the part of the employee. Through the process of delegation, followers become empowered by possessing the ability to make needed decisions on their own.

Effective Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment occurs when they work for an organization that treats them with dignity and respect. Effective empowerment includes:

  1. Fostering employees sense of well being
  2. Not demanding more than can be reasonably accomplished
  3. Expressing appreciation for a job well done
  4. Showing concern for the personal needs of individual members of the group

Employees who are provided with a means of expressing their opinion are more likely to feel empowered than those who are not. Successful leaders acknowledge others within the organization and allow them to make decisions on their own when necessary. Employees who are allowed an opinion will have a greater stake in the organization.

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