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Emotional Branding

Emotional Branding is an incredibly diverse topic and often a student writing a research paper needs help with narrowing it down. Our writers suggest you narrow it by beginning with discussing the marketing field. The thesis Emotional Branding is about “Emotional Branding“.

The main question or problem is:

  1. “How can we build emotional branding in the restaurant industry in the Kuwaiti Market”.
  2. Second main question can be created by you.

It would be good to include some information in the research about “psychological ownership” for customers. This is optional.


The research should have around 30 references between:

Emotional Branding
  1. Books
  2. Articles
  3. Journals
  4. Others.

References should be very recent, unless it is about a very famous say for a well known writer that has not been changed.

The cited Authors and references should include famous names in this field (examples: Kotler, Zeithaml, Keller, Schmidt,…) and any other authors that are relevant to Emotional Branding. Articles should be also be from a very reliable sources (examples: Harvard Business Review, American Marketing Association, American Psychological Association,…).

Read articles about this Emotional Branding that could support your writing but not limit it. The thesis should be well structured and have a very reasonable flow. All five chapters should form a well written paper.

The research need to have some information about:

  1. The Kuwaiti restaurants market
  2. Kuwaiti customers

The research should have:

  1. Models
  2. Analysis (but to a reasonable level that I can defend. Do not use sophisticated models or statistics)

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