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Research Papers on Eliminating the Electoral College

Research papers on eliminating the electoral college may want to look at previous attempts to eliminate the current nations voting system for presidential elections. This type of research paper can be written like what you see below.

Eliminating the Electoral College research papers report that there have been a spectrum of proposals in the 107th Congress to modify the current system of presidential selection through the electoral college.

Direct popular election:  H. J. Res. 3 and H. J. Res. 5 both provide for direct elections, with no minimum threshold percentage of the vote.

Eliminating the Electoral College

Eliminating the Electoral College

District plan:  This plan establishes nationally what is the practice in two states (Maine and Nebraska) today. The plan calls for:

  1. Electoral votes would be awarded individually by congressional district to the highest vote-getter. 
  2. The two “super-” or “senatorial-,” votes would be awarded to the candidate receiving the most votes state-wide. 
  3. Such a system would probably increase the influence of low-population states (which would usually continue to vote as a unit or near-unit), whereas large states would see their current electoral advantage fractured. 
  4. It would presumably encourage regional or single issue candidacies, as well.  (A variant of this, H. J. Res. 18, eliminates the office of elector and delivers the electoral vote directly to the winning candidate.  This is meant to eliminate any prospective “faithless elector” problem.)

Bonus Electoral Votes

Bonus electoral votes:  H. J. Res. 25 envisions an added 102 electoral votes (two for each state and the District of Columbia) to be awarded en bloc to the winner of the majority or plurality of popular votes, irrespective the distribution of other electoral votes.  Such a system would increase the total number of electoral votes to 640 of which a minimum 321 would be necessary for final victory.  This is intended to preclude the election of a president winning less than a plurality of the popular vote.  However, such a system does not address the underlying problem of voter fraud in extremely close elections.  Indeed, it could encourage a candidate to concentrate on energizing his voter base in states which he was already likely to win, and bypassing other states, if only to gain the 102 “super” electoral votes.

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