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Educational Philosophy

Paper Masters Provids an Educational Philosophy research paper that analyzes educational philosophy and research material. Using social or historical forces affecting education. Incorporate relevant philosophical, historical or social persepectives.

Questions to be addressed on Educational Philosophy Research Paper:

  1. What is perceived to be the purpose of education?
  2. What is the major function of education in our society?
  3. Does this fit into any of the philosphies of Plato, Dewey, Aristotle, Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson, Locke?
  4. How does your philosophy affect your approach to teaching as a profession, both in terms of classroom practice as well as contribution to the teaching field?

I am more of a pragmatist, leaned towards Jefferson, Locke, and Dewey.
Paper to be in 9 parts.Educational Philosophy

I. Introduction

A. Main Ideas (Approx. 1 page)

II. Purpose of Education

A. Including but not limited to teaching people to function in a democracy. (Approx 1 page)

III. Major Function of Education in Our Society

A. Including but not limited to meeting needs of the workforce. (Approx 1 page)

IV. Relation to Pragmatism

A. (Key is pragmatism) (Can blend with other philosophy as well like existentialism, realism etc. (Approx 1 1/2 pages)

V. Personal Philosphy - personal voice here (Approx 2 pages)

VI. Demonstration of Personal Philosophy

A. Demonstration of philosophy of education in classroom (Approx 1 1/2 pages)

VII. Personal Contributions to the Teaching Profession

A. How philosophy will be manifested in career - student centered, evolving with the times etc. (Approx. 1 page)

VIII. Philosphy and Paradox

A. Issues in education that you feel are unresolved, leave it open-ended, anticipated growth (such as standardized tests, bilingual vs. ESL, private schools and stipends for payment, etc - NCLB) (Approx 1 page)

IX. Conclusion

A. Restate main points, wrap up with clarity (approx 1 page)

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