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Educational Law

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Find a recent teacher termination case; Write the summary of the case; Answer the following questions; State website found and other important dates and information;

The recent termination case:

  • Were there any time lines issues present in the case?
  • Can teachers be given the chance to correct their behaviors and at the same time have due process?
  • Are the chance to correct and due process synonymous?
  • What have you learned you cannot do in a teacher termination?
  • Is it impossible to terminate a tenured teacher?
  • In addition to answering the questions, post a short list of best and worst practices you have assembled from reading the case. Attach the link to the actual case to your assignment to demonstrate your ability to access a whole case from a primary source, such as Lexisnexis.
Educational Law

Legal Issues and Education

The Education Law Organization lists the four or five major legal issues in the hypothetical or an actual case.
Identify the major case law (five to ten recent cases) governing the issues identified.

  • Argue a position on the hypothetical or actual case.
  • Articulate the major weaknesses in the position.
  • Describe how litigation could be avoided or prevented.

You are encouraged to use the Case Study Analysis Guidelines to assist you in your analysis of the case study. These can be especially powerful in the argumentation of the position and in articulating the weaknesses of the case.

One way to analyze a case study, after listing the four or five major legal issues in the hypothetical or actual case and identifying the major case law (five to ten recent cases) governing the issues identified, is to briefly write a response (2-4 sentences) that addresses each of the eight elements of analysis. Be concise but complete. The length of your response to each element will vary depending on the case and on the element. Your response to the elements may include reference to other elements of analysis where relevant.

Please reference course or outside readings or literature where appropriate to help support your analysis. Incorporate references to one or more intellectual standards in the analysis. The intellectual standards can be found in your miniature guide: Analytic Thinking: How To Take Thinking Apart And What To Look For When You Do by Elder and Paul. For example, you could comment on whether an implication of a proposed solution would be fair or logical. Some key concepts or information may be more relevant, accurate or significant than others.

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