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Education of Special Needs Students

This is a Graduate class for a Masters in Special Education and Elementary Education.
It can be on the Jr. /Sr. level, because that would probably best reflect my writing style.

Format for Education of Special Needs Students Research Paper:

  1. It has to be a minimum of 20 pages and I would say a maximum of 25.
  2. There needs to be headings in each section of the paper to guide the reader through each section of the paper.
  3. I need to have a few of the articles used or quoted in the paper attached to the paper when I hand it in.
  4. There has to be 20 sources.

My paper is about comparing and contrasting the education of special needs students in:

  1. Public Schools
  2. Private Schools
  3. Charter Schools
  4. Home Schooling

Below is an outline for Education of Special Needs Students Research Paper:

I. Introduction to paper which will include the following:

  • History of Special Education
  • Educating the Special Needs population
  • IDEA and the law

II. Public School- Define

  • Special Education
  • Requirements to educate those with Special needs
  • Inclusion and Mainstreaming

III. Private Schools- Define

  • The role of Special Education
  • Requirements to educate those with Special needs
  • Inclusion and Mainstreaming

IV. Charter Schools- Define

  • The role of Special Education- voucher system and McKay scholarships
  • Requirements to educate those with Special needs
  • Inclusion and Mainstreaming

V. Home Schooling- Define

  • The role of Special Education
  • Requirements to educate those with Special needs
  • Inclusion and Mainstreaming

VI. Pro's & Con's of each establishments educating the Special Needs population.

VII. Future Outlook on how these arena's continue to educate students with special needs and any determination as to which arena is better than the other.

VIII. Conclusion

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