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Edmund Husserl Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Edmund Husserl from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Over the course of the twentieth century a number of philosophers emerged to provide a wide scope of analysis on the following:

Edmund HusserlWhile it is clear that many of these philosophers took their cue from noted scholars that had come before them, the contributions that were made by these individuals were no less prominent. Take for example the case of Edmund Husserl. Although Husserl lived at approximately the same time as Michel Foucault, the ideologies developed by the two authors often addressed the same topics in markedly different ways. Thus, while it is fair to argue that Foucault influenced Husserl’s work, it is equally as reasonable to argue that Husserl influenced Foucault’s work.

Husserl and Philosophical Discourse

With the realization that much of the philosophical discourse that was produced during the early twentieth century signifies an amalgamation of many different theories and ideologies, there is an impetus to consider how various authors influenced each other and the process of intellectual discourse. To the end, the investigation of a topic on Edmund Husserl for your research paper may want to consider how the work of Edmund Husserl relates to that of Michel Foucault. Looking specifically at Foucault’s The Order of Things, Discipline and Punish, and Madness and Civilization, it will be possible to discern how Foucault effectively influenced the development of Husserl’s overall theories and ideologies.

Husserl Theory

Before a comparison of Husserl’s theory can be related to Foucault’s work, one must first have an integral understanding of Husserl’s central ideas and his methods for undertaking research. Exploring what has been written about Edmund Husserl, it becomes clear that Husserl is most widely noted for his development of phenomenological study.

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