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Economics Theory and Theorists

Economics can be a difficult topic when having to write research on it. Let Paper Masters suggest a topic for you or give us your custom research paper topic on any subject you need. Our economics theory and theorists topic suggestions can be used to create unique ideas for your own research papers. These are sample topics only! We do not sell pre-written research papers, but you can use these sample topics to order your own custom economics theory and theorists research paper. Paper Masters can put together a project that you can be proud of.


Economics Theory and Theorists Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Adam Smith - Adam Smith research papers discuss his work The Wealth of Nations and other economic and capitalism issues.

Affluenza - Research papers on affluenza discuss the term used to suggest an illness or epidemic of consumerism.

Basic Economics - Research papers on Basic Economics examine the layman’s guide to the basics of economics written by Thomas Sowell.

Behavioral Economics - Research papers on behavioral economics look into the study of the social, psychological, and emotional factors that cause a person to make economic decisions.

Capital, Labor and Marx - Karl Marx's philosophy on capital and labor provides many outlets for wonderful research paper topics.

Capitalism - Capitalism research papers illustrate that capitalism is exploitative in that it forces people to be “competitive” rather than “cooperative”.

Capitalism and the Worker - This research paper will argue that there is an inherent disjunction between the interests of labor and owners in capitalistic systems, that successful capitalism requires the exploitation of the many by the few, of the workers by the business owners.

Capitalistic Society - The capitalist aim to maximize profits still drives the use of efficient, rather than ecologically conservative, methods of resource harvest and values cheap and rapidly obtained raw materials more than the ecosystem, in order to more quickly increase the production of consumer goods.

Christian Economics - Research papers on Christian economics discuss the different theological interpretations resulting in different economic perspectives from the teachings of the Bible.

Class Struggle - Research papers on class struggle discuss the problem of classism in today's society and the imbalance of economic power among social classes.

Classical Economic Model - Classical Economic Model research papers are based on Keynesian economics.

Communism and Religion - A research paper on communism and religion discuss the conflict created between the Communist Party and the Church when trying to influence the ideological thought of the people.

Communism - Communism research papers examine the socioeconomic system that abolishes private property and ends the need of classes, money, and the state.

Economics Questions - Contains three questions dealing with economics.

Economics of Strategic Management - Research papers on economics of strategic management examine the primary goals, objectives, and initiatives of a company that should be identified to achieve these benchmarks.

Economic Systems - This economic systems research paper sample will look into the economic systems, or social systems, used by governments throughout history.

Economic Thought - An Economic Thought research paper illustrates that economics has a long philosophic history.

John Keynes - John Keynes research papers look at this economists theory on how to combat recessions.

Karl Marx - Karl Marx research papers examine the sociologists ideas and works such as the Communist Manifesto.

Keynesian Economics - Keynesian Economics research papers discuss macroeconomics theory in light of Keynes ideas.

Keynesians, Supply Siders, and Monetarists - Keynesians, Supply Siders, and Monetarists research papers go into comparing and contrasting three modern economic theories which are the Keynesian theory, supply-side theory, and monetarism.

Labor Market - Labor Market research papers look into the labor market that is defined as the local or national market in which workers find paying work, employers find workers, and wages are determined.

Laissez Faire Capitalism - Research papers on Laissez Faire Capitalism will discuss how Laissez faire capitalism expresses the notion that governments should refrain from regulating businesses or individuals in all areas of economic activity.

Leninism - A research paper on Leninism look into the political theory that is concerned with how a society can go into making a transition from capitalist structures to socialist ones.

Macroeconomics Theory - The study presented in a Macroeconomics research paper is a comprehensive picture of the entire economy.

Marxist - Marxist research papers examine the individuals who ascribe to the political and economic theories espoused by the 19th century German philosopher Karl Marx.

Microeconomic Theory - Answers questions involving macroeconomic theory.

Microeconomics - A Microeconomics research paper explores a guide to understanding the economic process, and core issues and policies of economics.

Microeconomics Article Summary - Wall Street Journal, Business Week, a newspaper or any other credible written conveyor of news.

The McDonaldization of Society - The McDonaldization of Society research papers analyze the economic theories of McDonaldization, put forth by George Ritzer.

Modigliani-Miller Theorem - Modigliani-Miller Theorems research papers examine the strengths and weaknesses of this theorem.

Monopoly - A Monopoly research paper discusses the concept of a company selling a product which there are no substitutions.

Peter Diamond and the Nobel Prize - Peter Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for 2010 along with two other winners.

Principles of Economics - Research papers on Principles of Economics discuss the basics of economic principles outlined by Gregory Mankiw.

Rational Choice Theory - Rational Choice Theory research papers look into the part of economics that seeks to understand and frame social and economic behavior.

Socialism - Socialism research papers discuss the political and economic system with the stated end result of the collective ownership of the means of production.

Taylorism - Taylorism is a scientific management theory pioneered by Frederick Winslow Taylor, an efficiency expert, in the 1880s.

Theorist Max Weber - Theorist Max Weber research paper delve into an order placed with an outline included to assist with the completion of the project.

The World Is Flat - A research paper on “The World Is Flat” by Thomas Friedman connects to people, events, in the 21st century.