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Dysphagia Bedside Screening for Acute Stroke Patients

This is a topic suggestion on Dysphagia Bedside Screening for Acute Stroke Patients from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The assignment is an abstract and critique of the article Dysphagia Bedside Screening for Acute Stroke Patients. The Gugging Swallowing Screen by Michaela Trapl published in Stroke in 2007.

Dysphagia Research Paper

The article should start with this sentence "The article in focus is entitled "Dyspahgia.... published in 2007 in ...." The paper should be broken down as follows. Dysphagia Bedside Screening for Acute Stroke Patients

  1. Abstract: This should be a synopsis of the article--its key points and information. It should not be a regurgitation of the article. It should not exceed about one page roughly.
  2. The second part is the more important. It is the critique of the article and should examine if the authors met their objectives in providing scientific support for their claims, if the research sample was large enough, were the methods scientifically reliable, is more research needed to support the authors claims or examine another issue related to the claims made.
  3. Second, this question must be answer: How does this article enrich the audience's understanding of clinical swallowing assessment. By reading it what do we learn about swallowing assessment.
  4. The other important question that needs to be answered is "How does studying the area of Dysphagia as a Speech language Pathology student give us insight into this article. The class notes that follows should be included:

Dementia and Dysphagia

a. It is important that the SLP become an astute clinician and conduct good clinical assessment. Instrumental is not always necessary or available for many reasons and a good clinical assessment will often match the results of an instrumental assessment.

b. In addition, an SLP must understand the clinical assessment process as they can potentially kill someone if they are not astute at picking up signs associated with conditions such as silent aspiration which can be hidden to the untrained eye. People who are not coughing coupled with dementia for example may not know they have a problem until they aspirate.

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