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a research paper on Dyscalculia could begin:

Dyscalculia is the scientific term for difficulty in comprehending mathematics. Dyscalculia has been compared to dyslexia and is seen by some as a developmental disorder that occurs across IQ ranges and may have a genetic component. Most people just consider themselves to be bad at math.

Dyscalculia and Mathematics



Dyscalculia was originally identified in individuals who displayed mathematical disabilities following a traumatic brain injury. However, the term has come to mean anyone who has difficulty in understanding, recalling or memorizing mathematics or number facts. These individuals are unable to conceptualize the abstract nature of numbers, which is one of the basic foundations for all higher mathematics.

Individuals with more severe forms of Dyscalculia have difficulty with tasks such as:

  • Financial planning
  • Memorizing the multiplication tables
  • Reading an analog clock
  • Judging the passing of time and may be habitually late.

Scientists classify Dyscalculia as a learning disability and certain forms of educational therapy have been developed in order to mitigate it affects.

Dyscalculia Affects Few

It is unknown how many people in the population are affected by Dyscalculia. It is estimated that between four and six percent of the world is dyscalculic. Dyscalculia also affects males and females equally.

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