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Research Papers on Doris Lessing

Research papers on Doris Lessing focus on her works, her life or both. Paper Masters will custom write your research paper on Doris Lessing according to your specific instructions.

Because she grew up in a culture different from many of those in America, Lessing had a particularly different view of relationships between cultures. In addition, Lessing’s “standing” within the community in which she lived brought respect as a child that was given her only because of her father’s money and social status. Lessing rebelled against several issues in her writing due to her early life in Africa:

Doris Lessing and World War I

Lessing’s father was an officer in the British army, having fought in World War I. In 1925 he moved the family to British Africa, where their home became staffed by African servants willing to live and work at the Lessing‘s. The land that he bought to accompany the Lessing’s home was that of a native African tribe, and Lessing's writing often dealt with the lessons that she learned from members of the tribe.

Doris Lessing and Great Britain

Although she did not realize during her childhood many of the discrepancies that were obvious in adulthood between the whites and native Africans, she began to realize the differences as she grew older. She once wrote that she was a “member of the white minority, pitted against a black majority that was abominably treated and still is.” As she approached college age and returned to Great Britain, she began to realize even more about her status, including the fact that many of the characteristics about how she was treated in Africa were entirely because of social standing. In Great Britain’s economy her family money nor their name went far in acquiring goods and services, although in Africa, as the owner of more than three thousand acres, her father’s name commanded respect and recognition.

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