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The Dogeaters Research Papers

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The Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn is, at the outset an unusual collection of stories that are all interconnected.  From the lowliest, DJ, male prostitute, junkie to the crème de la crème of society, the Alacran’s, the story of Rio follows a cyclical pattern that is almost similar to the movie Traffic.  While it is true that most of the characters introduced in the novel do not intimately know each other, Hagedorn presents their lives in such vivid recreation that the reader begins to identify and understand each of the characters.

A few facts about Dogeaters include:

  • Published in March of 1990
  • Playwrite is Jessica Hagedorn
  • Originally written as a novel
  • Published by Pantheon Books
The Dogeaters

Although, Hagedorn’s novel is filled with a myriad of underlying themes and subtext, it seems as though she is trying to convey the message that everyone, no matter what type of life they lead is interconnected to one another.  In some respects this may be Hagedorn’s six degrees of separation.  Perhaps what is most interesting about Hagedorn’s novel, however, is that in spite of the fact that it provides closure, or an ending, it still leaves the reader with a sense of loneliness.

Hagedorn’s novel shows how lives of even the most unsuspecting character can be inter related; but is also show how the lives of people can be interrelated, yet these associations can go unnoticed or unacknowledged.  Perhaps this is where the loneliness comes in.  Rio’s life does not exist in a vacuum; nor does anyone else’s.  It is our inability to realize this fact that Hagedorn shoves in our face and makes us acutely aware of.  This is the point of her novel.

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