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Documentary of Roger and Me

This is a topic suggestion on The Documentary of Roger and Me from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Questions for the Documentary of Roger and Me Research Paper:

  1. What city was the birthplace of General Motors?
  2. How many jobs were lost when the plants in this city began closing?
  3. Why did the company cut those jobs?
  4. Who is the CEO for GM?
  5. Why is Michael Moore trying to reach this man?
  6. What does the health department have to say about the rat population in the city of Flint?
  7. What does Sheriff’s Duty Fred Ross do when he visits houses?Documentary of Roger and Me
  8. Who are we erroneously told started the Industrial Revolution?
  9. Who does the Mayor pay $20,000 to and why?
  10. The road sign says “Buy American or ________________.”
  11. Name two of the stars that use to do commercials for GM.
  12. What terrible mistake does Janet the Amway salesperson make?
  13. What does Tom Kay, the GM lobbyist suggest will get Flint out of its economic problem?
  14. When the rabbit lady asks Michael Moore if he wants pets or meat, what does she mean?
  15. What do the older male rabbit do to each other if they aren’t in separate cages?
  16. What kind of business does the Flint Plasma Company run?
  17. At the time of the documentary, the FBI said Flint had the highest rate of what?
  18. What do the gun clerks say is the best kind of weapon for home defense and why?
  19. GM and the United Auto Workers Union come up with the idea to re-train ex-auto workers to fill what kind of jobs?
  20. What was hailed as the largest indoor theme park?
  21. Who is the James Bond that we meet in this documentary and what is happening to him at this time?
  22. How does Mr. Bond know Michael Moore?
  23. How does the rabbit lady render the rabbits unconscious?
  24. What city did Money Magazine say was the worst city to live in America?
  25. What happened when ABC’s Nightline tried to broadcast live from Flint?
  26. Who is Captain Da Da?
  27. Why were well-off couples volunteering to be photographed and fingerprinted?
  28. Is there a conflict between Roger Smith’s Christmas message and the scene that takes place in Flint on Christmas Day?
  29. What happens to Gm lobbyist Tom Kay’s job?
  30. Is there a conflict between the grim situation in Flint and the happy message of the Beach Boys song “Wouldn’t It be Nice”?
  31. Why can’t this movie be shown in the city of Flint?


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