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Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Education research papers on minority issues often use the publication Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. This journal is an excellent source for any research paper on minority issues in education. Paper Masters recommends that you use it liberally due to the fact that it usually has the most relevant, up to date information available on today's education issues for minorities.

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education is an academic publication, the most widely read trade publication for issues regarding underrepresented groups in higher education. Diverse magazine is the winner of the 2002 Folio Award for Best Education publication in America and regularly presents features and columns that present the more pressing issues for the following minority groups including:

Each issue of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education contains the following sections:

  • An Editor’s Note,
  • Spectrum (profiling an individual in higher education working with minority students)
  • Washington Update
  • Noteworthy News
  • Community College Forum
  • On the Move
  • Grants & Gifts
  • The Last Word, an editorial Op Ed column

Readers of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education are regarded as affluent, highly educated, and decision-makers in their field, including college administrators, faculty, and graduate students. Demographically, readership is 70 percent female. Thirty-eight percent of readers hold a Master’s Degree, while another 34 percent hold Doctorates. Broken down by race, readers of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education are 54 percent African-American, 26 percent White, and generally in the 35-49 or 50-64 age range. The total print and online readership of the magazine is said to be over 100,000.

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