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Distributed Intelligence

With regards to distributed intelligence, a precise definition would be difficult. In terms of artificial intelligence, one would think that research continues to be applied to distribute solutions to problems caused in technical fields, and which would require intelligence to solve.
In terms of people, we are aware that there are many different learning styles like rational, kinetic, analytical, visual, and auditory. Distributed IntelligencePeople who are good in computers would be more inclined to show a preference for mathematics and fields requiring an analytical, precise mind. The technical components of engineering would require intellectual abilities different from playing the piano or composing music.

People can express their intelligence through collaborating and socializing with others. Through creativity, we can increase our emotional intelligence. Developing a rapport with others will enable individuals to gain life experiences and use their intelligence to enhance society.

Another important aspect of distributed intelligence would be that of meta-design. Through media and entertainment users can become more adept with their creativity. Also, technology will play a significant component in this as well. Developers of apps and video game testers use such mechanisms with artificial intelligence.

Creativity will flourish when students are challenged in the classroom by educators. When these students grow up, they may be involved in education or technology. Continued testing of a product may result in significant adaptations which improve the experience of that product for users. This would be an example of how distributed intelligence shows that people have many areas of expertise and can contribute to society.

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