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Distance Learning

Distance learning is a way to earn an education without necessarily having to sit in classroom. One can, thanks to modern technology, earn a high school diploma or college degree from the comfort of one’s own home. Students and instructor are in widely different geographical locations, often never meeting face-to-face. Distance LearningThis level of education is made possible by the Internet, with instantaneous communication through text and video.

Studies have indicated that distance learning can be just as effective as traditional classroom instruction, and numerous online university programs exist that allow students to earn a degree without serious disruption to their work or family schedules. Often, instruction is provided by the professor through video lessons, reading assignments, and written work designed to gauge the level of learning. Students can interact with each other and the professor via message boards, and receive timely feedback at every step of the way.

Thanks to the Internet, a student can earn an entire university degree through distance learning. The flexibility of learning from home, without having to travel to, and sit in, a traditional classroom means that more individuals will be able to access learning in this manner. The virtual classroom is increasingly becoming a more popular option at all levels of education, indicating that distance learning is the next step in education.

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