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Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a division of the Discovery Communications Corporation, best known for the television network The Discovery Channel. Discovery Education offers streaming educational content to schools in the United States via the Internet. In 2006, Discovery Education purchased ThinkLink Learning and now provides students with assistance and training for standardized tests.

Discovery Education is at the forefront of utilizing technology in educational settings. Discovery EducationTheir streaming content is designed to reach numerous learning styles through digital content, including instructional videos, skill building activities, games, encyclopedia entries, writing prompts, plus audio and image files. Their available video library features content from the Discovery Channel, Animal Plant as well as numerous other science-based videos.

Discovery education is also attempting to introduce a digital textbook. Rather than traditional textbooks, Discovery education offers materials that can be accessed on a tablet such as an iPad or laptop computer. This content has been designed to incorporate different modalities through the integration of audio, video, and text through easy-to-navigate interfaces. Discovery education offers content in science and health education, providing lessons in such topics as photosynthesis, genetics, the human skeleton, and the effects of alcohol on the human body.

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