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Research Papers using the book Dinosaur Brains by Albert J. Berstein

Research papers using the book Dinosaur Brains by Dr. Albert J. Berstein can be written for your business or MBA research papers.

Dinosaur Brains: Dealing with All Those Impossible People at Work is a guide book, managerial tool, and inspirational reading that assist in shedding light on how and why individuals behave as they do in the work environment. Dr. Albert J. Bernstein co-authored the book with Sydney Craft Rozen in an effort to produce a useful psychological tool within the business world. Dr. Bernstein is a clinical psychologist who spent 15 years working with businesses and non-profit organizations in an effort to understand organizational psychology on the business level. Sydney Craft Rozen assisted Dr. Bernstein in the writing of the book by utilizing her experience as an editor/author of several best-selling books on business and the psychology of work, such as Sidetracked Home Executives.

Dinosaur Brains

Berstein wrote Dinosaur Brains to illustrate that every human being acts and reacts in a particular manner, not much unlike how the ancient dinosaur’s did. Often human action and reaction is negative and can hinder progress, whether it be in the workplace or within interpersonal relationships. Bernstein and Rozen use the metaphor of the dinosaur to illustrate how destructive, irrational, easily angered, and overly emotional human behavior can be within the work environment. Through illustrating the destructiveness of behavior, the author’s attempt to provide solutions to acting with an advanced neurological response to work situations in order to maintain a productive workplace.

The Theme of Dinosaur Brains

The central theme of Dinosaur Brains is how to cope with the varying degrees of personality and management styles that plague the modern organization. The author’s have laid out the text to appeal to the intellectual of the business world that is searching for the key solution to organizational behavioral clashes. Authors begin by examining what a “dinosaur brain” is with the seven principles that apply to the mentality of the dinosaur, called lizard logic. These principles apply directly to human behaviors within the workplace that are often the center of destructiveness in an organization. The seven principles are:

  1. Get it now! Impulsiveness
  2. Fight, Run or Freeze
  3. Be Dominant! Hierarchies, Dominance and Power Struggles
  4. Defend the Territory! Power and Empire Building
  5. Get the Mate! Office Romances
  6. If it Hurts, Hiss! Complaining and Placing Blame
  7. Like Me, Good; Not Like Me, Bad

These seven principles are dissected in the light of how a dinosaur practiced this mentality and how the same action and reactions in human mentality that produce the dinosaur behaviors in humans.

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