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Dimensions of Behavior

Attitude and social and cultural dimensions of behavior is: predisposition to act, think, and feel, in particular ways towards a class of people, objects or an idea. Attitudes are the result of conditioning, observational learning, and cognitive evaluation. Our attitudes help us define ourselves, our place in society, evaluate people and events and guide our behavior.

Select a social issue that has affected you, our school or our country this present year. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on dimensions of behavior that follows your guidelines.

Dimensions of Behavior

TOPIC TO USE - Dimensions of Behavior

Virginia Tech shootings---I believe it is necessary to make a persons mental health record more public. If the killers mental health was made public info he would not have been able to obtain a gun (the gun shop owner would not have sold to a mental patient) to kill. The judge /legal system failed to make his treatment mandatory and he slipped through the system. Also, if the severity of his mental condition had been made public to the school the severity of it may have kept him out of school. There needs to be communication between the medical community /school /parents all who encounter individuals with mental problems. We uphold the privacy law too much. We need to take mental health more seriously.

Address the following in Dimensions of Behavior Research Paper:

  1. What are the effects of your attitudes on your actions?
  2. Under what conditions are you most likely to conform or obey?
  3. How does the presence of others influence our actions?
  4. How do self-fulfilling prophecies and minority influence demonstrate the power of the individual?
  5. Where do you believe your attitude comes from concerning this issue? (my brother attends VT)
  6. Has your attitude changed since your very first encounter with this issue (I never really thought about mental health before) if so how?
  7. Has this issue caused you any prejudice? (possibly)
  8. Has persuasion effected your attitude toward this issue? If so what was the source? Have you persuaded others to your point of view?

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