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Digital Art

Over time, the methods by which artists have presented their work have changed dramatically. One of the most recent developments is digital art, or the use of digital technology in the creation or presentation process. While this medium has existed since the 1970s, it has become increasingly popular as technologies have improved and artistic options become more diverse. Digital art was not without its critics, however. Some did not see digital art as a “true” art form; because the artist used technology to create their work, it was not wholly of themselves and, as such, inauthentic in some way. Digital ArtHowever, after some more careful analysis, it became clear that the use of digital technology can only add to the artists’ and viewers’ experiences, allowing for greater expression in altogether new and unique ways.

Digital art traditionally falls into two categories: art that is created using digital technologies, and art that uses digital technologies in the display process. Computer-generated images, such as fractals or scanned images, could fall within the first of these categories; digital paintings, desktop publishing, and computer-generated models also meet this criterion. Additionally, artists have the ability to use digital technologies in displaying their artwork. While one of the most common ways to do this is through the incorporation of digital video, artists that utilize sensory technology, virtual reality, or digital interaction are all using digital technology as a means of displaying their creations. As our technological capabilities continue to expand, the applications of these technologies to the art will only grow in tandem.

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