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Developmental Biology

Every living organism grows and develops in a unique way; the study that dedicates itself to understanding this growth and maturation is known as developmental biology. This field incorporates all aspects of development, from individual cells and their growth into various types of tissue, to more physical elements of reproduction, including sexual reproduction and metamorphic processes. Generally speaking, developmental biology incorporates principles from various aspects of embryonic development, including cellular differentiation, tissue creation, and cell differentiation or growth. Developmental BiologyWhile there are variants between plant cells and animal cells, the underlying foundation of developmental biology remains the same. Other areas of study that make up the concept of developmental biology include cellular differentiation, or the process by which certain cells have specific functions or roles; and regeneration, or the ability to regrow a missing or otherwise severely damaged part, a trait that is far more common among plants than it is among animals.

There are other areas of developmental biology that carry with them a great deal of debate and/or controversy. The concept of dying with honor – the desire of many individuals to end their lives when facing a terminal illness or diagnosis – reflects autonomy and the desire to life live on one’s own terms. The coverage of the topic of stem cells, for example, is always improving and being reconsidered, both in terms of the positive impact such an approach can have on the patient, and the idea that a conservative bottle should be able to figure into the equation when determining if a special prosecutor is needed. Developmental biology is a complex network of scientific, social, and philosophical issues, but they all have the root of the problem firmly planted in the complex ideas associated with developmental biology, and not in exploring the alternative majors and opportunities available to them.

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