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Determinants of Health

This is a topic suggestion on Determinants of Health from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Consider each of the determinants of health and determine the one that impacts your health and well-being the most. Research the determinant to gain full understanding of its relationship to health and any gaps in your community, or any strides or successes that address the determinant. Include your local newspaper in your research. Focus specifically on the health promotion strategy in the Ottawa Charter of strengthening community action, and identify a potential partnership between two agencies in your community that could address the determinant and bring about improvement in the health of individuals- in this case, you and potentially others like you. To stimulate your creativity, think about the Dufferin Mall initiative and collaboration that occurred between community agencies and the shopping mall.

Your abstract discusses and supports the message in your poster presentation. The abstract is to include your research and understanding of the determinant of health affecting you. Include the aspect of your health affected by the determinant and any gaps or strides taken by your community to address this issue. Also include a description of the community partnership between two businesses you believe could address the determinant using the strategy of strengthening community action. Provide literature support for your plan.

The abstract must be typed and be NO longer than 2 pages. Follow APA format and include your references on a separate page. Include a minimum of four references that can be from a variety of Canadian sources- textbooks, journal articles, and reputable websites.
The following points must be included in the abstract:

- SPECIFIC HEALTH DETERMINANT SELECTION: state concisely the relationship between the determinant you have selected and its impact on health of individuals as evidenced by the literature. Describe concisely and realistically how you came to choose this determinant as having the greatest impact on your own health.
- HEALTH DETERMINANT SIGNIFICANCE: describe how this determinant is affecting your health. What aspect of your health is affected?
- RESPONSES IN YOUR COMMUNITY: specifically identify gaps or strides that have been made on addressing the determinant of health in your community.
- POPULATION HEALTH STRATEGY: state concisely the community partnership between two agencies you believe could address the determinant using the strategy of strengthening community action.

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