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Dell and Authorized Dealers

Dell and authorized dealers research papers show that the main emphasis of Dell Computer Corporation is their direct-to-customer approach.  Research papers illustrate that this approach is implemented from pre-sale through to long-term service contracts.  Dell claims there are absolutely no “middlemen.”


Dell Customer Support and Warranty Servicing

Dell and Authorized Dealers

Dell has totally avoided the use of external dealers, wholesalers and retailers.  All sales are done through their main headquarters, usually on-line.  All customer support and warranty servicing is done by Dell service personnel, on-line, over the phone, or in person.  This, according to Dell, eliminates communication flaws because the message goes directly from the customer to the manufacturer and vice versa.  Dell also suggests that it allows them to provide more, and better, services to the customer for a competitive price.

Dell Service Contracts and Warranties

Dell warranties are all written clearly stating that the products and services are covered under the warranty only if they are shipped to and repaired or replaced by the Dell staff at the Dell facility.  There is no allowance for either authorized dealerships or authorized service personnel outside of Dell staff.

Dell service contracts are written similarly, but are priced up to cover expenses for Dell service personnel to travel to the customers’ sites for maintenance, installation or repair.  They do not allow for authorized dealerships or authorized service personnel to cover service contracts, except for their own employees, as well.  Service and installation are priced down for additional quantities of on-site work.

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