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Definition of Leadership Research Papers

Defining leadership is often required by research papers in business or MBA courses. Paper Masters custom writes research paper on leadership and the many aspects of it in the business world for Business or MBA students.

Our writers suggest the following topics if you have a leadership project that requires you to define what makes a leader or leadership qualities:

  • Choose a leader and write about why he defines what leadership should be
  • Strictly define leadership according to current business theory
  • Give the definition of leadership through historical tracing of how management has evolved

Leadership is not necessarily what people in formal management positions do.  An important segment of managerial activity is leadership, but management is not synonymous with leadership. In your research paper, be sure to illustrate that leaders have specific functions to perform.   Basically, the definition of leadership in a research paper is the process of directing and coordinating a group’s activities toward some collective task accomplishment.  Leaders carry the primary responsibility for performing these directing and coordinating functions. Leadership requires doing something.  Usually, when leadership fails it is by default rather than by making a specific error.  In this chapter this writer will review the literature in the area of business leadership.

Basic Functions of Leadership

Definition of Leadership

Essentially, any business or MBA research paper on the definition of leadership will say that one of the basic functions of leadership is to identify, formulate and articulate goals.  The leader will need to encourage, motivate, communicate, and otherwise gain the employee’s acceptance of goals.  Finally, leaders are largely accountable for the goal’s accomplishment.  In some respect this list is true but is less true today.  In the course of time, leadership has changed from having the responsibility and power to a shared responsibility in a more participatory arrangement between management and labor.

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