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Research Papers that Debate Human Cloning

Research Papers that debate the topic of human cloning can be ordered custom written from Paper Masters.

Extensive research suggest that human cloning could be utilized to reproduce organs for individuals needing transplants and stems cells to repair various sites of tissue damage. However, this translates into the notion of growing humans to be used as spare parts.  Your research paper on debating human cloning may argue that if there is any value in human life, then this cannot be permitted. Most individuals are offended by the notion of utilizing cloned humans as a warehouse of spare parts.

Issues that can be debated regarding human cloning include, but are not limited to:

Debating Human Cloning

Psychology and Human Cloning

One expert notes in a research paper that this situation may be psychologically harmful to most individuals. For example, an individual may donate a cell in order to create a replica of him or her so that there is an organ available for transplant. Yet, the clone cannot live without the organ. Thus, the donor of the cell is destroying a part of him or herself – his or her son or daughter, if you will – in order to continue living.  Many individuals would be unable to endure the psychological trauma associated with this outcome.

In debating the issue of human cloning, many overlook the potential financial abuses. For example, celebrities might sell their cells to individuals wanting to have a child that is the duplicate of their favorite movie star. If celebrities are not cooperative, human cells might be “stolen” from famous people and sold on a black market at exorbitant prices. After all, it only takes a single cell to clone a human being.

Black Market and Cloning

Despite regulations and laws against cloning, a black market in human clones and organs might still develop with the aid of greedy and unscrupulous scientists. One can envision almost a farm of clones, waiting for the time when they are slaughtered to provide vital organs that are purchased. How ghoulish can the possibilities of human cloning get? Criminalizing human cloning may be necessary.

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