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Research Papers on Dealing with Change

Changes can be hard, but change is always happening. Whether it is a change in career, a change in the family unit, a change in socioeconomic status, or even a change of the body as a person ages, change can be hard to accept. Some change may be better in the long run and some change may be worse. Some people welcome change and other dread its presence. Dealing with Change

There are several strategies that can help individuals who are struggling with changes in his/her life.

  1. One tip to help a person deal with change is the identification and labeling of that change. Individuals might find it helpful to journal about the change and feelings toward it.
  2. The next tip is to deal with the change head on. The change should be met head on and not avoided.
  3. The next step for someone to take is to decide which change or parts of the change the person is willing to accept and those parts that he/she is unwilling to accept.

If there are changes that cannot be accepted, an action plan might need to be established to alter the course of the change. If possible it is helpful to find a positive aspect of the change.

Thoughts have a huge effect on emotions. If possible, a person who is struggling with change should focus on other positive things in his/her life. Breathing exercises might also be helpful to help someone distress and relax. Finally, it is really important that an individual struggling with change surrounds himself/herself with other people who can provide support and encouragement. These people could include co-workers, family, friends, or religious group.

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