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Culture of China Research Papers

China’s culture research papers show that the culture of China has developed over thousands of years with a good argument that something that has sustained itself must work. You can have a research paper custom written on any aspect of China that you need written. One of the most interesting aspects of China is their rich culture. Have us help you custom write a research paper on the Culture of China and see how interesting Chinese Culture is.

The leaders who directed the nation’s affairs after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 were raised in this old traditional culture.  It did not matter whether they were Nationalists or revolutionaries; there was no intent to pattern China after any other country.  “They had an ambivalent attitude toward their country’s past and its traditional society, condemning some aspects and praising others.  Furthermore, as practical administrators, China’s post-1949 leaders devoted energy and attention to changing some aspects of traditional society, such as the following:Culture of China

  • Rural land tenure
  • The content of education

Other aspects, such as family structure, largely untouched.”  Changing Chinese society has not been across the board even in the revolutionary time of Mao.

The switch from a traditional, agriculturally based society began for the most part in Europe.  The transition with all the pain inherent in economic displacement, lagging health care, under and unemployment, the loss of many clan and community or village based loyalties, occurring over many generations.  The transition of many of the remaining traditional cultures began to occur in earnest after World War II.  There was the feeling by some that they had been left behind and they had to catch up.  At first it was believed that technological development was largely a matter of transferring the equipment from the countries that had it, to the less developed ones.  What has been learned, however, is that technology does not occur in a vacuum.  In other words, when a traditional culture shift to a contemporary one there will be changes across the board.  The changes are cultural, social and psychological with corresponding changes in “…attitudes, the thoughts, the values, the beliefs, and the behavior of the people who are affected…”.

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