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Cultural Diversity in Nursing

How do you start a Cultural Diversity in Nursing research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

As the nation’s demographics change, nursing professionals need to understand the needs of people from a wider range of cultural backgrounds. Nurses might encounter patients that do not speak the local language well, or they might treat individuals with religious beliefs that prevent them from receiving certain types of treatments. While nurses cannot possibly understand all cultural mores and preferences, they can remain open to new perspectives so each treatment can feel respected. The following is a list of reasons you may want to list in your research paper as to why cultural diversity is important in nursing:

  • Be aware of culture and its impact on diversity
  • Be aware of racial and ethnic differences
  • Strengthen and broaden health care delivery services knowledgeably
  • Be able to define health services and illnesses in a manner other's understand
  • Provide culturally appropriate responses to concerns

Cultural Diversity in Nursing

Understanding Cultural Diversity in Nursing

Understanding cultural diversity can also help nurses treat healthcare concerns that appear more often within certain populations. African-Americans, for instance, have higher rates of sickle cell anemia because of genetic factors. Lifestyle habits common to a culture can also influence a person’s health. People from cultural background that support social eating, for instance, often have lower rates of heart disease than people who commonly eat alone. The types of foods preferred by cultures can also influence the types of health issues that people confront during their lives. Nurses should remain aware of these differences to offer each patient individualized services that address their health issues without making them feel dehumanized.

As more people gain access to healthcare services, nurses will inevitably find that they encounter people from a wider range of cultural backgrounds, so they need to continue learning about the most effective ways to work with these patients.


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