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Cultural Imperialism Research Papers

Cultural Imperialism research papers discuss outright, military-based imperialism of the type that was practiced by western powers at the beginning of the twentieth century, which has gone out of favor since that time. Paper Masters knows that research papers on cultural imperialism include a complex set of factors such as wars, colonialism and the conquering of nations. We can clarify the issue of cultural imperialism for you in a custom written project directed by you.

The decline of colonial empires has been an on-going process since the end of World War I and this process accelerated after World War II when the British Empire was dissolved and the French were kicked out of Indochina.  The politicians of today’s great powers no longer think in terms of far-flung global empires based on military occupation of subject states.

Cultural Imperialism

Cultural Imperialism Today

But, as you should argue in your research paper, the spirit of imperialism is far from dead in the world today; it is something which exists, but which has had its form altered. Cultural imperialism has replaced political imperialism. The new imperialism’s nature and purposes are the same as the older form of imperialism, but it operates in a different and more constrained manner and, unlike the older version of imperialism, it depends to a certain degree on the voluntary agreement of the targeted populations.

"Imperialism” of the older type is defined by the third edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary in these terms, “the policy and practice of forming and maintaining an empire in seeking to control raw materials and world markets by the conquest of other countries, the establishment of colonies, etc.”

The New Imperialism

The new imperialism, cultural imperialism, has the same ends:

  1. Control of raw materials and markets
  2. A form of “conquest” which may or may not be military or cultural. 
  3. Its armies are not composed of regiments of soldiers, but rather of regiments of ad men. 
  4. Today, cultural imperialism is not specifically the work of governments, but rather the work of corporations.

This leads one to ask whether this should be a political science research paper or an international business research paper.  But, lest we think the new imperialism is more benign than was the old, we must remember that the new imperialism—like the old—is about exploitation, and that it is—just as was the old—profoundly destructive of certain aspects of the cultures of the subject countries.

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