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Cultural Identity Research Papers

Cultural identity research papers can discuss any aspect of culture such as gender, race, religion or even class. Have a custom written sociological research project on cultural identity done today by Paper Masters.

An individual’s cultural identity refers to their sense of belonging to any social group that is defined as having its own culture. Cultural identity can form as the result of any number of factors, including:

  • Gender Differences in Cultural
  • Cultural Identity Issues Related to Age
  • The Cultural Identity of Race
  • Nationality and Culture
  • History or Religion in Cultures
  • Socioeconomic Class in Different Cultures
  • Sexuality
  • Food

Cultural IdentityOften the differences in cultural identity can be subtle and hard to distinguish, especially in ethnically diverse nations such as the United States, where social unity becomes a matter of social values.

Cultural Identity and Sense of Self

Cultural identity is vital for a person’s sense of self and the ways in which they relate to others, both inside and outside of the immediate culture. People may even identify with more than one culture. Cultural identification also provides the individual with a sense of security, providing access to social networks and shared values. The development of cultural identity can lead to strengthened social capital.

However, strong cultural identity can also be used negatively, as it can create barriers between different groups. Exclusion from larger cultural groups can also leave minority individuals with the feeling of exclusion. People undergo a three-stage process of acquiring cultural identity. Beginning with an unexamined cultural identity, where identity is taken for granted, individual then explore and question their assumptions during cultural identity search before reaching cultural identity achievement and acceptance.

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