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Research Papers on Cults

Since the early twentieth century, sociologists have been engaged in observation and analysis of both traditional and nontraditional religious groups. In addition, social scientists devised a number of important theories about the social and cultural significance of religious practices by looking at the historical development and evolution of the major religions, sects, and mystical offshoots over the course of the last millennium.

Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the activities and prevalence of so-called religious cults were minimal, and social scientists were able to closely observe the dynamics and structures of several such groups. To the current-day reader, much of the observation and analysis hailing from this period appears to be hopelessly mired in the subjective biases of the researchers of the era, many of whom were pro-conformity and fundamentally critical of unorthodoxy in any form. However, by the 1950s, the idea of cultural relativism and the importance of value-neutral analysis had gained broader acceptance, which resulted in increasingly sophisticated, nuanced studies of nontraditional religions and so-called cults.


Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Cults

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Christian Science - Christian Science research papers examine a religious branch that believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible and also believe that everything material is an illusion and the only thing that is real is the spiritual realm.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints research papers discuss the religion popularly known as the Mormon Church.

Heaven's Gate - Research papers on Heaven’s Gate discuss the religious cult movement that started in San Diego, California by Marshal Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles in 1974.

Twelve Tribes Cult - A research paper on The Twelve Tribes cult discuss a cult, founded by Gene Springs in 1972, that was originally a teen ministry by the name of 'Light Brigade'.

Unification Church - Research papers on the Unification Church discuss the association founded by Sun Myung Moon in 1954.