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Theories of Crime

This is an example of what a research paper on criminological theories could consist of. A criminological theory must properly be understood both as a distinct entity as well as in concert with the ideas expressed in Criminal Justice Term Papers.

Criminological Theories Research Papers

While all criminological theories are designed to explain the causes and realities of criminal activity, new theory development often results from dissatisfaction with existing theoretical explanations. For example, social structure theories attributing crime to social factors were created in part as a response to biological theories that focused on an individual's biology as an explanation for criminal involvement.

For your research paper, choose four of the specific criminological theories (rational choice, labeling , etc.) discussed during this course that come from four distinct fields on criminology inquiry (social structure theories, biological theories, etc.). While showing a basic working knowledge of each of your chosen four theories, write a paper tracing how the theories build upon and challenge one another. Where do they speak to similar or divergent issues? Where do they affirm or contradict one another in terms of crime causation? How might they have been created to fill gaps in one another's approaches and findings should be included in the research paper.

Theories of Crime Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Criminal Psychology - Criminal Psychology research papers look into the study of the thoughts, will, intentions, and reactions of criminals and those who engage in criminal behavior.

Criminology - Criminology research papers examine the study of crime that looks into all aspects relating to crime.

Criminology: The Core - Why not do a criminology research paper on a topic found in the textbook Criminology: The Core by Larry J. Seigel.

Digital Forensics - Digital Forensics research papers examine a part of the science of forensics that treats the recovery and investigation of information stored digitally.

Distributive Justice - Distributive Justice research papers overview John Rawls theory on justice.

Double Edged Sword - Double Edged Sword research papers discuss the paradoxical nature of the public’s perception of law enforcement.

Feminist Criminology - Feminist Criminology research papers discuss the field of criminal study, that came about during the Second Wave Feminism, thats seeks to explain violent crime as a result of aggressive masculinity and inequality in society.

Juvenile Delinquency - Juvenile Delinquency research papers discuss the factors that help assist this type of behavior, and also look at the nature versus nurture aspect.

Officer Untruthfulness - A Officer Untruthfulness research paper looks at an example of an order placed for a criminal justice project with specific guidelines.

Peel’s Principles - A Peel’s Principle research paper looks at Robert Peel’s attempt to develop a modern police force in London.

Police Accountability - Police Accountability research papers examine the expectations of police officers and discuss their responsibilities as public servants.

Psychology of Jury Selection - A Psychology of Jury Selection research paper delves into process of elimination of who is on the jury.

Questions on Criminal Justice - Questions on Criminal Justice research papers discuss how to order a paper when there are multiple questions involved each with specific items that need to be addressed.

Restorative Justice - Research papers on restorative justice point to one of the newest initiatives in criminal justice approaches western societies is the adoption of restorative justice approaches.

Rights of Crime Victims - The judicial process is based on ensuring that the rights of the criminals are enforced at every step from arrest through conviction not the rights of crime victims, research papers report.

Routine Activities Theory - A Routine Activities Theory research paper examines an example of an order placed on a criminal justice topics giving detailed format instructions.

Rural Violent Crimes vs. Urban Violent Crimes in America - A Rural Violent Crimes vs. Urban Violent Crimes research paper looks at a sample of an order placed on a sociological topic that divides the content into different sections.

Scientific Crime - Scientific Crime research papers delve into how the recent technological and scientific advance have helped in the area of criminal justice.

Social Structure and Crime - Basically, there are three specific social structure and crime theories.

Strain Theory - Robert Merton (1938) is best known for his work concerning deviance, which is a violation of conformity to the norms of the society.

Theories of Criminal Justice - Theories of Criminal Justice research papers discuss the numerous theories that have emerged for criminal justice in the last decade.

Transnational Crime - Research papers on transnational crime discuss the theory characterized by illegal and illicit actions that have international impact.

Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement - Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement research papers look at the political, legal, and social side to this debate.

Victimology - Victimology research papers examine the study of victims, including the relationship between victims and their offenders, and the interactions of victims of crime with the criminal justice system.

Wrongful Death - Research papers on wrongful death discuss the legal term that is characterized by damages sought for the death of an individual that was either not criminal in nature or the result of a criminal attempt that was not successful.