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Research Papers on Criminalizing Human Cloning

Paper Masters can custom write a research paper on criminalizing human cloning from any aspect of the argument you would like to examine. Human cloning can be argued to be made a crime because of the possible detrimental effects it could have on society. Paper Masters can help you outline a great argument.

In recent years, many technological advances have been made regarding biomedical science.  These new procedures typically involve the reproductive capabilities of mammals.  Thus, scientists are now able to create life within the confines of a petri dish rather than a womb through the mechanism of artificial insemination.  More recently, the ability to take a cell from a mammal and cause it to multiply into a duplicate of the cell’s owner has been perfected.  This process is referred to as cloning.  No human has ever been cloned.  Currently, there is a global debate regarding whether or not humans should be cloned.  In a research paper about criminalizing human cloning, you may want to focus on the following arguments:Criminalizing Human Cloning

  1. Some of its apparent benefits may prove to be just as easily accomplished through computer replication or other methods.
  2. Scientists cannot guarantee that its use will be adequately controlled and, absent such control, its abuse could have nightmarish consequences.

As the controversial increases, legislative bodies in various governmental forums are stepping in to create laws, generally outlawing human cloning.  Many scientists suggest that these regulations are merely politicians giving in to the whims of religious groups.  Others suggest that there are many issues regarding the ethics of human cloning that need to be established before such scientific work continues.  The purpose of this paper is to justify the legitimacy of the laws that criminalize human cloning.

Problem with Human Cloning

One of the major problems of human cloning is that it will generate the same battle that now exists with regard to abortion.  At what point is human biological material considered to be a life?  When a cell begins multiplying toward the development of a totally complete human being, how many divisions must occur before it is a human that has all of the rights affording humanity?  So far, we have been unable to answer that question with regard to developing babies.  Over two years ago, a South Korean research team took a donor cell from a woman and allowed it to divide twice before halting its development.  Did they kill a human in doing so?  Essentially, the answer is yes.  

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