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Criminal Justice

This is a Criminal Justice Research Paper. A student can be asked to discuss many types of situations in essay format while studying criminal justice. Because of the complexity of the US criminal justice system, it is often more advantageous to define its structure in terms of component processes, rather than delineating each institution. This approach is also useful because it can broadly apply to criminal justice processes at the municipal, state, or federal level. Generally, the act of a crime being committed, and in some cases, planned prior to commission, comprises the first stage of the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice for Students

Criminal Justice

Below are samples of questions criminal justice majors will need to address in their essays:

1. Discuss parole and its intended purpose and drawbacks. How well qualified are parole boards to effectively evaluate an inmate's chance of successfully completing parole?

2. Discuss in detail in the research paper the purpose of the presentence investigation in the sentencing process. Be sure to include all the information a thorough presentence investigation should contain and how that information assists a judge in making sentencing decisions.

3. Discuss the pros and cons of sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum sentences. Do these forms of sentencing achieve their goals? Why or why not.

4. In your term paper list and explain the roles and responsibilities of all players (judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys) in the criminal trial process.

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