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Laws and the Legal System

Criminal Justice Project Research Paper has two parts.

Part 1
In discussing the "rule of law", several cases are considered landmark and provide additional explanation of the bill of rights.

The following are examples of Excellent Rule of Law Cases

  1. Mapp v. Ohio (1961)
  2. Escobedo v. Illinois (1964)
  3. Gideon v. Wainwright (1963)
  4. Miranda v. Arizona (1966)
  5. Katz v. United States (1967)
  6. in re Gault (1967)
  7. Tennessee v. Garner (1985)
  8. Graham v. Connor (1989)
  9. Maryland v. Wilson (1997)

Format of a Criminal Justice Rule of Law Project

  1. Section 1 -- Introduction: Provide a brief synopsis of the circumstances that led to the case(s) being heard.
  2. Section 2 -- What was the Court's decision?
  3. Section 3 -- Provide a discussion of whether or not you feel the decision (s) hand-cuffs the police.
  4. Section 4 -- Conclusion: Based on your analysis of the case (s), what affect do the cases have on your view of the police?
  5. Bibliography (page does not count toward page total): "References Cited" must be correctly cited.

Laws and the Legal System Research Paper Topic Suggestions

3 Strikes Law - How the baseball catch phrase was designed to appeal to voters and put fear into career criminals, and thirty-five states have adopted some form of this law.

Alternatives to the Exclusionary Rule - Alternatives to the Exclusionary Rule research papers delve into the alternatives that have been proposed to legal scholars regarding the exclusionary rule.

Alternatives to Incarceration - Research papers on alternatives to incarceration discuss ways the United States prison system is trying to alleviate the problem of max capacity in prisons.

American Court System - Research papers on the American court system examine the numerous networks of legal systems that work at the local, regional, state and federal level.

Attorney General - A research paper on the Attorney General will report on the duties of the chief legal officer for the government of the United States of America.

Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana - Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana research papers discuss the the controversial issue of legalizing marijuana, and look into the social, economical and medical benefits of marijuana.

Black Market Arms - A Black Market Arms research paper discusses the sale of arms to developing countries via the black market by the world’s largest countries.

Black Market - Research papers on the Black Market look into the underground economy that works against or violates a given set of laws or standards.

Broken Window Theory - A research paper on broken window theory will examine this theory, and explain how it fits in with the current law enforcement movement towards Community Oriented Policing.

Brown v. The Board of Education - A research paper on the case Brown v. the Board of Education shows Brown v. the Board of Education was brought about as a major challenge to this principle of “separate but equal.”

Child Labor - Child labor is illegal in a fully industrialized nation because as a nation becomes industrialized and its standard of living improves, child labor is looked upon as harmful.

Contract Law - You have to represent Tex and need to write an opinion letter telling him what his vulnerabilities are legally.

Criminal Justice Process - Criminal Justice Process research papers on the processes of the criminal justice system and examine the steps taken to solve crimes.

Criminal Justice System - Criminal Justice System Research Papers examine the criminal justice system in the United States.

Criminal Justice Research Papers discuss many types of situations and study the criminal justice system.

Criminal Trial Process - A Criminal Trial Process research paper looks at the four main parts of a criminal trial, and discusses each in detail.

Department of Justice - Department of Justice research writing on cabinet-level part of the United States executive branch, headed by the Attorney General and the highest law enforcement agency in the country.

District of Columbia v Heller - Research Papers on the District of Columbia v Heller will discuss the Supreme Court case that the Court, by a 5-4 decision, ruled that individual citizens did have the right to possess firearms, largely without restriction, for lawful purposes, such as self-defense.

Dram Shop Laws - Dram Shop Laws research papers discuss how the laws are intended to protect the public from the dangers that occur from selling alcohol to minors and intoxicated individual.

Due Process of Law - Research papers on due process of law going into the process of legal requirements in which the state must assure that all rights to which an individual is entitled are respected.

Duty to Rescue Law - Duty to Rescue Law research papers discuss the legal mandate that a person help another individual that finds themselves in some reasonable amount of danger.

Extradition Laws - Research papers on Extradition Laws look into the official, legal process whereby one nation-state transfers a criminal suspect or convict back to his original jurisdiction.

False Claims Act - Research papers on the False Claims Act look into the American federal law that imposes liability on people or corporations who defraud government programs.

Felons Voting Rights - A research paper on felons voting rights will go into the practice of restricting the rights of felons in the United States.

George Zimmerman Case - A research paper on the George Zimmerman case discuss the trial that determined whether Zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder, or whether this encounter was a case of self-defense.

Good Samaritan Law - Research papers on the Good Samaritan law look into the law established to protect citizens who try to help another person who is ill or injured.

Gun Control Legislation - Research papers on Gun Control Legislation discuss one of the most controversial aspects in modern American culture today.

The Harm Principle - A person’s liberty can justifiably be constrained to keep him from harming others in society.

Illegal Drugs - Illegal Drugs research papers look into the drugs and substances that are sold and purchased on the black market such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

Insanity Defense in United States - A Insanity Defense in United States research paper studies the three key phrases that are used to deal with the nature of this defense.

International Criminal Court - Research papers on the International Criminal Court offers a brief historical overview of the development of the ICC followed by an examination of the major objectives of the ICC as they are defined in the ICC Statute.

Intro to Criminal Justice - Intro to Criminal Justice research papers delve into a popular undergraduate course that one may take at the university level.

Jodi Arias Trial - Research papers on Jodi Arias Trial discuss the trial of Jodi Arias that received significant media attention in the United States through early 2013, before Ms. Arias was sentenced to life in prison.

Key Piece of Legislation - Key Piece of Legislation research papers delve into a sample of an order placed for a project on a bill that has been proposed and follow it through the legislation process.

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics - Law Enforcement Code of Ethics research papers on the ethics police officers must follow in order to serve their communities.

Law and Order “Killerz” Episode - Law and Order “Killerz” Episode research papers examine a specific episode on how ill equipped the police, lawyers and other law officials are to deal with child killers.

Legal Drinking Age - Legal Drinking Age research papers research the reasons why legal drinking age should be raised.

Legalizing Drugs - Legalizing Drugs research papers delve into a sample of an order placed for a research paper with a specific sources that are needed to complete the project.

Legalizing Marijuana - Should marijuana be legalized?

Mapps v. Ohio Decision - Mapps v. Ohio Decision research papers discuss the case that extended the exclusionary rule to the states.

Megan’s Law - Megan’s Law research paper goes into how this law came into effect.

The Metropolitan Police Act, 1829 - The Metropolitan Police Act, 1829 research papers discuss a new law that provided a more efficient police force.

Miranda v. Arizona - In Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), the Supreme Court articulated the procedural requirements for the constitutional safeguards of the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Morrill Act - The Morrill Act research papers discuss a law passed by Congress in 1862, that led to the creation of land-grant colleges.

PA Unified Judicial System - The PA Unified Judicial System is the court system provided for by the PA State Constitution.

Parental Abduction Laws - Parental abduction laws apply when there is a court order in place indicating specific custody rights for each parent subjectively.

Plea Bargaining for Juvenile Delinquents - Plea Bargaining for Juvenile Delinquents research papers look at the what plea bargaining has to offer for juveniles in trouble.

Police Code of Ethics - Police Code of Ethics research papers discuss the code of ethics followed by the law enforcement community.

Police Ethics - Police Ethics research papers discuss the ethical code the police officers must uphold in order to protect and serve.

Predictive Policing - Predictive Policing research papers discuss how predictive policing is used to predict crimes before they occur.

Protecting Personal Property - Protecting Personal Property research papers delve into the different factors that effect dividing property in a divorce.

RICO Statute - This research paper on the RICO Statute will discuss the statute in which an organized crime syndicate is being investigated.

Rockefeller Drug Laws - This is an essay on Rockefeller Drug Laws. Incarceration of criminals will be discussed.

Punishment Models - Research papers on punishment models discuss the three models of punishment that provide an explanation for the rationale behind various components of the criminal justice system.

Shooting and Gun Control - A research paper on shooting and gun control discusses recent shooting and possible ideas of what should and shouldn’t be allowed concerning gun control.

Stare Decisis - Stare Decisis research papers look into the legal term that means that juries are required to respect the precedent established by prior decisions.

Statute of Limitations in California - There are time limitations concerning when suits can be filed.  Once the statute of limitations on the case expires, the claim is no longer valid.

Statute of Limitations on Debt - The statute of limitations on debt varies depending on state and the kind of debt.

Tax Evasion - A research paper on tax evasion discuss the illegal activity of a person or corporation evading their regular payment of taxes.

Terry V. Ohio - In Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968), the Supreme Court created an exception to probable cause doctrine by allowing police to engage in the practice of temporarily detaining individuals for investigative stops and allowing protective frisking of individuals under limited circumstances.

Torts Law - Torts Law research papers examine one of the major areas of legal specialty that deals with cases of intentional wrongs and negligence that result in harm.

Trayvon Martin - Research papers on Trayvon Martin discuss the 17-year-old boy that was shot and killed by George Zimmerman whose death created a catalyst for protest movements around the country on the issues of police brutality and the persistence of racism in America.

Trends in Policing - Research papers on trends in policing discuss the focus of law enforcement professionals on investigating crimes and crime prevention.

Tsarnaev Trial - Research papers on the Tsarnaev Trial discuss the trail for one of the people responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013.

Underage Drinking Laws - Underage Drinking Laws research papers examine the laws that are in place to regulate the drinking of minors.

Zero Tolerance Laws - Zero Tolerance Laws essays examine the laws created with the intention of preventing certain crimes to be carried out.

Zero Tolerance - Zero Tolerance term papers discuss the criminology term that imposes an automatic punishment for a rules violation.