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Country Report on Cuba

Provided below is a list of subjects that should guide your research and be included in your Country Report on Cuba Research Paper:

  1. Introduction: Provide the following minimum of information about your country: measures of economic development, indicators of social development, life expectancy, adult literacy, and ISI or ESI economic policies.
  2. Dependency theory versus modernization theory: There should be discussion, a compare or contrast with a historical perspective, or a contextual setting to enlighten the reader as to where that county as been and where it is heading.
  3. Religion and politics: There should be information and a discussion as to the major and minor religions of the country, the relationship of the religion to the politics of that country, and future trends.Country Report on Cuba
  4. Ethnic-cultural divisions: Is there a power sharing arrangement within your country, are there any ethnic or cultural conflicts, what are the origins of these conflicts, what is the future trend, are there any outside agencies involved?
  5. Women and development: This section should contain a discussion of the political and socioeconomic status of women in your country, the state of women and politics, and a brief discussion of the regime type of political leadership.

(SUMMARY on Women = Throughout the world, women are underrepresented in the political arena. However, Nordic countries fare somewhat better in this regard. Still, fewer than one in six members of parliament worldwide are female. There are social, economic and cultural factors which account for this. Research has shown that political success is linked to economic power. As we have seen, women in most L-D-C’s have fewer economic opportunities than men. This seriously reduces their ability to be politically salient. Cultural prejudices also affect women’s potential for political activity, especially in the Islamic states of the Middle East. Society in general must have an interest in having female political representation for effective measures to be put in place. For example, since nineteen ninety one, gender-quota laws relevant to parliament have been passed in twenty countries, fourteen of which are L-D-C’s. There are two main ways to ensure greater female representation in parliament. One is reserving seats for women and the other is the establishment of gender quotas for the slates of parliamentary candidates in general elections. However, both of these strategies have the potential to inhibit rather than encourage female participation. With reserved seats, women are not voted into office in the usual way and therefore they are unlikely to challenge the male power structure.


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