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Community Zoning Board

Write a letter to a community zoning board. The purpose of this letter is to appeal to the community, elected town officials, housing zoning law board, to contest their consideration of a new senior housing condo plan that is to be built in your backyard. The owners of three different properties want to change the zoning laws currently in place, one family homes, to build a 40 unit senior housing condo units. Your anguish is further compounded by the fact that you have just moved into the neighborhood, and one of the petitioners that is applying for a change in the zoning laws is the person that has just sold you this house. Community Zoning BoardThe neighbors have confirmed the fact that over ten years ago, this owner purchased the property that borders your back yard because he wanted privacy and didn't want others to build in his back yard.

Requirements when writing Community Zoning Board Research Paper:

  1. The letter should stress that the quality of life for you and your neighborhood will be greatly affected by this new development. It will create all sorts of problems as increased air, water, noise pollution. It will also heavily impact the flow of traffic on an already congested main road that residents of two towns use to commute.
  2. The letter must appeal to the ludicrous idea of building a 40 unit complex in a 1-2 family zoning area. Reinforce the fact that there are plenty of senior home establishments in the area and that building another one will stigmatize the town as a "retirement town." A place where the younger people wont want to live.
  3. Please re-emphasize the fact the you have just moved your family into the neighborhood to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and that building a 40 unit complex will ruin your "quality of life" and is the main reason why you moved into the neighborhood.
  4. It should also be stated that the owner of selling you this house should have disclosed his intentions and revealed the fact that a permit for a 40 unit complex is being applied for, a fact that he knew would have an effect on the selling of the house you bought and on the homes in the area.

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