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Communication Process

A common assignment on Communication Process is as follows:

(All 3 Objectives must be demonstrated)

Objective #1: Application of Communication Skills using the Communication Process. Identification of barriers to communication: physical, psychosocial (gender, generational and cultural) and semantics related to verbal or non-verbal messages.
Communication ProcessDefine communication (not dictionary definition!).
• Why is communication important to your nursing practice?
• Present an in-depth discussion of the Communication Process
• Include three communication theories (verbal and nonverbal)
• Thoroughly researched using scholarly texts and journals (consider using nursing books with Communication chapters) – reference in both Essay and “References”
• Discuss the application of the Communication Process in your experiences
• Are your experiences verbal or nonverbal (or are they made up of components from each of these)? What are the requirements to be certain a message was transmitted?
• Define and identify each of the Communication Barriers that you had to overcome in your
Essay experiences:

  • Physical
  • Psychosocial
  • Semantics

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Listening in the Communication Process

Objective #2: Application and importance of “Listening” in the Communication Process
• Discuss the importance of listening – what is it and why is it important?
• Present examples of effective “listening” in the experiences you present in your Essay
• Discuss “feedback” to determine that the message was understood – validate
• Describe empathy, respect and genuineness as part of the listening process.

Objective #3: Evaluate/analyze the communication experiences
• Were the communication experiences cited in your essay effective? – validate
• Explain these experiences in the context of communication theory (identified in your research).
• How have these experiences contributed to improve communication skill in your nursing practice

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