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Combating Gang Violence

Topic: How law enforcement/ law makers can combat gang violence.

Introduction to Combating Gang Violence Research Paper:

Issue /Key Point:

  1. Law Enforcement Strategies to combat gang violence.
    (For example: Extra patrols, cameras on street corners, DARE, PAL, etc.)
  2. Federal & State laws in place to combat gang activities.
    ( For example: R.I.C.O., Anti-loitering laws, extended sentences for gang members)
Combating Gang Violence

Analyze /Discussion:

  1. Is aggressive law enforcement alone enough to combating gangs?
    (The community needs to get involved.)
  2. Proper parenting can help prevent kids from joining gangs & gang violence.

Conclusion /Recommendation for Combating Gang Violence Research Paper

Overview of Gang Violence Paper:

Street gangs and the accompanying incidence of gang violence is not a phenomenon that is confined to the nation’s inner cities, minority classes or the male gender. According to the research conducted by authors, although gang organizations exist predominantly in large cities, the incidence of gang behavior can also be found in suburban areas with much smaller populations. Similarly, gang behavior crosses ethnic barriers and has been demonstrated by members of African-American, Asiatic, European and Hispanic origin. In the context of gender, most gangs are made up of young males however some gangs allow young females to have limited participation and an even smaller number are entirely female dominated.

Participation in street gangs presents a significant risk of violent death, not only for members but also for innocent bystanders. According to an author, gang members are 60% more likely to die in violent homicides, 80 to 95% of which will be gun-related deaths. The random nature of gang violence presents a similar risk of death or injury to individuals that have no association with gang related activity . According to an author who proposes that the mass media of television and music play a significant role in sensationalizing gang behavior and in contributing to the scope of participation across society.

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