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Research Papers on Combat Stress

When writing a research paper on combat stress, there are certain elements you will want to include when writing on such a complex topic. At the college level, you will want to design your paper with the following elements in it:

  1. A research paper on combat stress is about the relationship to serving in the military and stress
  2. It will extensively cover Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  3. Research paper on the elements of combat stress may be from the Army Military Police perspective
  4. Be sure to focus heavily on the psychological aspects of the disorder and what therapy can be introduced to heal combat stress

Exposure and Combat Stress

Combat StressWith exposure to combat operations comes exposure to combat stress, which has the potential to have significant impacts on the psychological circumstances and profiles of those who are exposed to it.  Combat stress has a number of diverse elements including, but not limited to, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its associated symptoms.  With an ever increasing number of American military personnel potentially falling victim to the stresses of combat, it is a subject that rates investigation.  

All Wars and Combat Stress

While the subject of combat stress is certainly an issue with massive modern implications, the idea of military personnel serving adverse consequences from exposure to the circumstances of combat is nothing new.  During the Civil War, soldiers were described as experiencing “nostalgia” or “soldier’s heart” after engagement in battle.  In World War I, the affects of combat were known as “shell shock.”  Form World War II through Vietnam, the afflictions of battle weary personnel were referred to as “combat fatigue” or “battle fatigue.”  Modern researchers refer to individual suffering adverse symptoms from combat as suffering “combat and operational stress reactions” or, simply, “combat stress”.

A student's research paper will want to be sure to cover:

  1. The elements of combat stress
  2. The warning signs of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and its effects
  3. Describe the warning signs of how to identify when someone may be experiencing symptoms of combat stress

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