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Research Papers on the Book Cold Mountain

This is a topic suggestion on Cold Mountain from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. Historical fiction can teach us a vast amount about how historical events influenced the every-day lives of the individuals that lived during the era the novel is written in. Cold Mountain teaches how the social lives of individuals were affected by the Civil War.

Charles Frazier’s novel, “Cold Mountain” can be considered a romance set against the backdrop of the Civil War. Cold Mountain

  • Cold Mountain utilizes the historical content of the Civil War era
  • The novel Cold Mountain becomes an exploration of social class transformation
  • Social change wrought from this national upheaval of colonial life is also examined
  • The love story is simply a byproduct of the story of Cold Mountain

The main characters, Inman and Ada, reflect this social transformation and offer a portrait of life forever changed by the catalyst of war.

Although “Cold Mountain” is a fictional account of the Civil War, there is much historical content worthy of examination that a history term paper could be written on it.  Frazier adequately encompasses social distinction before and after through the means of flashbacks that describe a completely different world prior to the coming of the war.  The book opens with Inman recuperating from a wound suffered during battle.  He frequently lapses into remembrances, which offer the reader a view of society that once was and is now gone forever.  The same takes place with Ada, the daughter of a minister whose social class has become completely altered due to the war.

Prior to the Civil War, the South was based on a strong sense of class distinction. Traditions and familial heritage played an important role in southern society. Many of the more populated cities became institutions of social exchange and rule. The closer to the nation’s capital, the more influential society seemed to become. 

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