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Cognitive Strategy Instruction

Looking to start a research paper on Cognitive Strategy Instruction?

Cognitive strategy instruction is an approach to teaching that works to enhance learners’ abilities to control and direct their own learning activities. One of its core objectives is to improve learning by developing learners’ reasoning skills and processes. In so doing, the strategy aims to transform all primary grade students in the following ways:Cognitive Strategy Instruction

  1. Instructing them to be self-regulated
  2. Enhance their ability to think critically
  3. Improve tactical, cognitive strategies
  4. Implement flexible thinking skills
  5. Foster creative learning

The approach functions is based on theoretical analyses of the specific learning task at hand in order to determine which underlying talents and procedures are necessary to successfully complete it. Ideally, practical insights into what is required for successful completion are also obtained through observations of accomplished learners engaged in the same designated task.

Cognitive Strategy Instruction in Use

Over the years, cognitive strategy instruction has been applied in a broad range of the core curriculum areas, including spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, mathematics, and study skills. The effectiveness of the approach is validated by a base of scholarly research that is considerably more extensive than is the case for several other current educational practices. The validating research has been conducted over more than two decades in actual classrooms and with actual students. The evidence also shows that cognitive strategy instruction is as one of the most efficacious means of enhancing the academic performances of young students with learning difficulties. The approach has been shown to be particularly effective for enabling such learners to develop more viable strategies of their own for responding to more complex or challenging tasks. The above information should be included in a research paper on Cognitive Strategy Instruction.

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