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Cloud Computing Research Papers

Cloud computing research papers are about technology and how the needs of computing have moved to a virtual space called the cloud. Have Paper Masters fully explain cloud computing and illustrate the technological possiblities with the phenomena.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based system in which numerous servers are linked together to provide centralized data storage. At its core, cloud computing is built upon the idea of maximizing the effectiveness of shared services. Proponents argue that cloud computing allows for a reduction in infrastructure costs, but there are serious security concerns as well.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing emerged out of existing technologies, thus allowing users to benefit from technology without having expertise in any one of them. At the heart of cloud computing is virtualization, software that separates physical devices into one or more “virtual” devices. Cloud computing is a type of grid computing, a collection of computer resources in multiple locations.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, there are five essential characteristics of cloud computing.

  1. The first is on-demand self-service. This means that the consumer can automatically provision the cloud without the need for human interaction.
  2. Second is broad access network, meaning that the cloud can be accessed by standard means, such as laptops or smart phones.
  3. Third is resource pooling, meaning that multiple users can be served.
  4. Fourth is rapid elasticity, meaning that capabilities can meet demand.
  5. Finally, there is measured service. This means that cloud services automatically optimize resources.

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